Concrete and Paver Sealing

Over the last several years we have had the privilege of restoring some of the nicest hardscapes in our area. The problem we keep seeing is the fact many of the installations are sealed with the wrong high build high gloss acrylic coatings. The continuous application of acrylic coatings often results in a coating failure that is extremely expensive to remove and leaves the pavers very unsightly.

We have found the better solution. After a safe chemical cleaning followed by careful use of high volume lower pressure commercial pressure washing equipment we can apply a low build
high performance natural looking sealer that penetrates the stone or pavers and color enhances. Trinic Stamp Shield Coating will last for 3-5 years depending on traffic patterns, weather conditions etc.

When it becomes necessary to reapply the protective sealer, the pavers will be cleaned and prepared to receive the next coating application. The coating will never fail and blister and peel and ruin the appearance of your expensive hardscape. Our goal is to get the opportunity to initially prep and apply our coating to new installations, thus avoiding the disastrous result of failed ugly coatings used in our markets.

Call us for an evaluation of your hardscape. We love to help our neighbors prolong, protect and preserve their gorgeous outdoor living spaces.

Concrete Sealing

As far as concrete coating goes, the problem we see is unprotected concrete is susceptible to the biological attach of Gloeocapsa Magma, Lichen and other decomposers. When we were kids, concrete did not turn black. It also did not spall and pit in the first few years. Concrete must be sealed to prevent such damages.

We professionally prepare and apply the best coatings to protect your concrete surfaces from deicing salts, biological attacks and general dirt and grime that builds up in the concrete pores. Sealed concrete stays bright and is easier to clean when maintenance cleaning is required.

We also can resurface spalled damaged concrete walkways and steps, and then enhance it with color pigments to match your exterior colors or create unique looks. Visit our Concrete and Paver Sealing gallery and our Facebook page to see our work.