Hardscape Cleaning


Ever notice how black and ugly concrete is nowadays? It seems like in a short period of time, new concrete sidewalks, steps and driveways are downright ugly! On top of that, is seems like they are very susceptible to the surface getting spalled and the smooth creamy look is pitted and eroded and worn away. Traditionally a powerful pressure washer was used to blast away the dirt. In simple terms the tougher the dirt and stains, the more pressure was applied to blow off the ugly stuff. Erosion cleaning to remove a living decomposer is not the best approach for maximum beauty and longevity to expensive hardscapes.

Erosion worked well to create the Grand Canyon, but that process will certainly not enhance your very expensive hardscape and concrete areas, that should last a very long time if properly maintained.

Typically, if a pressure washer is used, for most homeowners in less time than before the stains come back and are much harder to remove the next time. Worse, the damage is not always apparent until the concrete or hardscape dries and you find out there are some tricks to safely using pressure washers…

PAsoftwash understands why and can stop that destructive cycle. First we need to understand that our concrete, hardscape, sandstone and limestone are a welcome sight to the airborne bacteria that infests every surface of our homes, from the top of the roof to the last square inch of our driveways.

The reason is they are feeding on the calcium carbonate content. That is why the pests so quickly set up home and proceed to decompose our beautiful hardscapes.

This along with moss fungus and algae make for unsightly and potentially very slippery hardscape and concrete surfaces. Add the fact in our part of the country we have to use products to prevent ice buildup and you have a recipe for ugly dangerous deteriorating hardscape.

We use a combination of the proper chemicals to eradicate the ugly infestation, and proper techniques to control our surface cleaners and wands that are attached to our power washing equipment so we can rinse off the dead materials and not cause erosion damage by too much pressure.

Most big box pressure washers boast high pressure with little water volume which makes for serious damage to hardscape if not carefully used. Improper use of high pressure washers also has the potential for serious bodily injury. They are not toys.

The other services we offer is professional preparation and application of the best surface sealers to protect and preserve beautiful concrete & hardscape systems from the start. We can also restore existing hardscape systems so they will look like new, and stay looking their very best.

Ask us about our creative solutions to repair, top coat, color enhance and seal older less than stellar concrete surfaces. So many concrete areas are structurally sound, but the appearance is really beat up looking due to years of weather, deicing products and of course the ugly stains caused by organic pests.

We can fix that problem, and it does not require a backhoe and jack hammer!