House Washing


Why Softwashing your delicate exterior finishes is better than Pressure Washing

Most homeowners mistakenly think the reason they call us is the house has dirt on it. The house is not just dirty. The reason we are the best choice versus some fellow who has a pressure washer and some soap is because it is not as simple as washing off some dirt. You would not need us if it just washed off with a garden hose.

The reason we are your best choice is because we understand and treat the Ugly Mess as an infestation of bacteria, algae, mold, mildew and fungus, in addition to typical dirt and pollution that cannot be blasted off. Since the organic pests use the soiling and other contamination as food, it becomes a pretty sticky ugly mess.

Do a little experiment: Wipe your finger across the “dirty surface” and look at the stain on your hand. It will be black and sticky because it is not just soil. It is a living ugly Eco-system that is decomposing your home surfaces year in and year out.

Traditional pressure washing, just blasts away the top layer of this infestation never really solving the issue of infection and never really offering a long lasting option or solution.

PAsoftwash will apply the right chemicals with a low pressure pump, allow for proper dwell time to “kill” the ugly pest and then we will rinse from top to bottom leaving a clean sanitized surface that will remain clean for several years. Then when needed a light remedial cleaning will be used to keep your home looking like a brand new copper penny.

No more annual bucket and brush scrubbing only to have the ugly mess come back with a vengeance in a short period of time.